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How to choose and rent an office correctly?

The choice of office space should approach quite carefully since this is the place where you will spend most of your time. To make the search for an office as effective as possible, and the result meets expectations, we offer step-by-step instructions on choosing and renting an office with practical advice from our experts.


SanPiN standards for Office Space for rent on Jiji Nigeria space are from 4.5 to 6 m² per person. The size of the premises depends on the number of employees and the growth prospects of the staff.

Expert advice: do not overpay for extra meters, but trying to fit 20 people on 50 square meters is also not worth it, which can negatively affect employees’ performance.

Rent price

First, decide on a rental budget, the price of which depends on the class of the building, location, and additional services.

Expert advice: before signing the contract, read all the documents, clarify the taxation system (VAT, simplified taxation system), and what the rental rate includes (utilities, operation, etc.).


If your business involves customers’ flow, you should pay attention to premises in the city center or next to the metro. If you do not bind to a particular area and your employees have personal transport, you can safely expand the search location.

Expert tip: For sales offices, both the location and the building’s appearance are of great importance, to which customers immediately pay attention.


The two most popular types of layouts are cabinet and open-space. Start from the specifics of the company and the number of employees. If telephone conversations take up most of the workflow, choose an office layout to not interfere with others. For IT specialists or advertising agencies, open space is quite suitable.

Expert tip: An alternative option for medium to large staff is mixed layouts (open spaces + classrooms). In this case, each department will find its place.


Specify in advance all the essential characteristics for you: decoration of the room, floor, furniture availability, height of ceilings, size of windows, etc.

Expert Advice: Be sure to discuss the presence of the building’s security system and its features. This parameter affects not only your safety but also the opening hours of the business center.


A big plus for tenants’ comfortable work and leisure is a well-developed infrastructure: several banks, shops, catering establishments, sports clubs, etc.

Expert tip: For retailers and beauty salons, a developed infrastructure means having competitors in the neighborhood, so try to get around this factor correctly.


The business’s specifics also affect the choice of premises, so always check if you need meeting rooms, water supply, separate entrances, or cash registers.

Expert advice: do not forget to ask the owner or his representative about making changes to the layout and decor of the office and the possibility of providing rental vacations.

How to choose the suitable office space: where to look, who to contact

On my own

You can take matters into your own hands and search for yourself. There are many message boards on the Internet where you can easily find hundreds of suitable premises.


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